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This can often be used instead of the traditional crowns with a lot less tooth reduction.

Composite Resin Overlays

We tend not to do too many traditional Bridges since replacing a missing tooth with an Implant is usually a much better option, although in some cases a bridge can still be the preferred option.


If you need to replace a missing tooth make sure all avenues are explored.


We can however in some cases offer a minimally invasive bridge design where Implants are not a feasible option.


These days this is the state of the art way of replacing missing teeth and is the preferred method in our practice.


In conjuction with the oral surgeons every case needs to be evaluated for viability.


These days cosmetic dentistry can be seen as a lot of things.

Starting with tooth coloured resin fillings, ceramic fillings and crowns or “caps”.


Before you embark on your new cosmetic makeover, come and chat with us about alternatives to ceramic veneers and crowns.



We also do non –invasive Composite resin veneers where we do not need to remove any of your tooth structure, with every veneer hand crafted – we do not use “off the shelf” products that are widely available today.



We provide the two major avenues to tooth whitening – bleaching using custom made take home kits as well as in office bleaching treatments for those looking for a more

timely result.

Tooth Whitening